About Me

  • Want to find out what a distant cousin or school friend has been up to?
  • Need to trace your partner who stopped sending spousal and child support checks?
  • Have to learn about the medical history of your ancestors and the illnesses that have been carried into the family branches?

If you answered any of those with a “yes”, you have found just the person you need. I am a skip tracer with nearly 25 years of experience in private investigations and people locating. I can even find individuals who are deliberately trying to stay in the shadows such as fugitives, loan defaulters, child support defaulters and others.

So, imagine what I can do in a straight forward case?

My services are sought by the Denton County, Tx Sheriff’s Department, International Genealogy Research, Cushing Forensic Genealogy and the Locator Ltd.

While the forensic genealogy research centers are typically interested in getting information about ancestral background and distant relatives both living and dead, law enforcement agencies concentrate on fugitives and most wanted criminals.

In contrast, the cases that come from the private and commercial sectors are truly diverse. For instance, a lot of people want to find a high school love interest or a cousin or aunt they are no longer in touch with. Some others want to learn what became of their relatives and ancestors in a bid to anticipate their own biological vulnerabilities.

Similarly, corporate clients are usually keen on locating individuals, who owned properties that they are dealing in and those who secured a loan against a collateral, like a vehicle, and failed to repay it.

As you can see, my cases are linked to a plethora of causes and clients. So, if you need to locate an individual you have known personally or in a professional capacity, connect with me now…

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