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If you are looking for Aiken County court documents, it would certainly help to try out the website of judicial administration which is located at Although the case feature on the site is a nifty service which can help to quickly find the judicial records that you may be interested in, it should be noted that not all information finds its way online.

For example, when it comes to more recent cases, despite the verdict being out, the web portal of the county clerk may not have mention of this. On the other hand, if you were to approach the local court house or even the clerk of court’s office in person, you will get the most up to date judicial records for Aiken County, SC.

When it comes to the source of court documents, you have three likely choices, depending on what information you seek and how much data you are looking for. Let us take the instance of the magistrate’s court. This agency works out of 1680 Richland Ave W, #70 Aiken, SC 29801.

They can be contacted to find civil as well as criminal court dockets for Aiken County. However, it should be noted that this tribunal will only be able to tell you about misdemeanor cases and civil actions below $7,500 since they only handle such matters. Similarly, if you were to take your case search to the Circuit Court, you will only be told about the felonious criminal complaints that they have handled along with civil litigations in which the amount under dispute was more than $7,500.

The Circuit court works out of PO Box 583 109 Park Ave SE, 2nd Fl (29801) Aiken, SC 29802 and you can also write to them to seek the court documents needed by you. The clerk of court’s office is the third source of judicial records in Aiken County. You can write to the agency or visit them at PO Box 3047, Aiken, South Carolina 29802.