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Like in all other areas of SC, Anderson County judicial records too can be sought from the website of state judicial administration. This facility is offered at Also, you can find civil court documents from the website of the local clerk of court’s office at

Initiating a case search for Anderson County online is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways in which you can procure court dockets. However, the website does not have information on all cases heard by the tribunals. In addition to this, the judicial records for Anderson which are made available online may be missing vital pieces of information such as verdict and sentencing.

So, even though you can start your investigation over the internet, it would make sense to take the trouble of visiting the judicial agencies in your area to find the court dockets for Anderson County that you are interested in. Let us take the example of the clerk of court’s department and understand the advantages of calling on the agency in person as opposed to using their web portal.

The county clerk’s office is home to all the court dockets collected from all the tribunals in the area; this includes the 8 locations at which the Magistrate’s court convenes as well as the Circuit Court. If you do not like the idea of visiting the agency, you can always write to them at P.O Box 8002 at 100 S Main St, Courthouse Anderson, SC 29622.

The Anderson Magistrate’s Court as well as the Circuit tribunal can also be found at this location. So, a drive down to the courthouse will certainly prove fruitful as all major judicial agencies can be covered in a single trip. Remember that only the clerk of court’s office will be able to offer cumulative judicial records for all case types and from all tribunals.