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Charleston County judicial records can be found with multiple judicial agencies in the area. For starters, you should determine the type of information you seek. For instance, if you are looking for court documents linked to a criminal matter, you will need to assess the nature of the offense to determine which tribunal to connect with for your case search.

Let us take the example of a misdemeanor charge. This will typically be handled by the Magistrate’s Courts. In Charleston County, judicial records pertaining to such crimes can be procured from 8 tribunals. So, once you know that you want to look up information on a misdemeanor case, it would help to also find out the area in which the crime occurred.

Alternatively, you could simply head to one of the Magistrate’s Court for your inquiry on Charleston County, NC judicial records. For example, you could start your investigation at the Ravenel Magistrate’s Court which is located at 5962 Hwy 165, #200, Ravenel, SC 29470-5514.

For small claims cases, you can go to the tribunal specifically empowered to handle such matters. This agency works out of 4045 Bridgeview Dr, PO Box 60037, Charleston, SC 29405. The Circuit Court can be contacted for court documents that are connected to felony offenses and civil litigations in which the disputed amount goes above $7500. This tribunal is located at 100 Broad St, #106, Charleston, SC 29401-2210.

Charleston County court dockets can also be accessed through the clerk of court’s office. In fact, this is the chosen option for many since the agency can provide cumulative criminal and civil reports. To initiate your case search for Charleston County, SC through this agency, go to the address above or you can write to them at PO Box 726, Charleston, SC 29402. If you visit the county clerk’s office in person, you will be allowed to use the public service terminals for your court documents search.