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The Greenville County Clerk of Court’s office can be contacted for all sorts of public records including, court documents. In fact, this is the agency to connect with if you are interested in judicial records, be they from the criminal or the civil tribunals. Now, add to this the ability to use the public search computers to launch a case search absolutely free and you will know why so many people pick the clerk of court’s department for their judicial inquiries.

Why does the clerk of court’s office maintain judicial records in Greenville County, SC?

The judicial machinery is divided into two classes; legal entities that actually handle the cases and provide judgment and offices which have been put in charge of administrative and records keeping functions. The clerk of court’s office is part of the latter. Hence, they will keep details pertaining to all judicial cases.

How are court documents and other information pertaining to a case recorded and stored?

Deputies from the clerk of court’s department head to various tribunals to collect judicial records and court documents from Greenville County, SC. This information is then stored in a central repository which houses case files linked to matters that are criminal and those that are civil.

Where can you go to connect with the county clerk and the courts?

Fortunately, in Greenville County, case searches can not only be conducted offline but also online. The website of the judiciary offers a tool for browsing the case index of the court dockets database. This facility is available at Cases have been docketed in computerized format from 1985 onwards.

If you choose to take the offline route, you can either connect with the court or the county clerk through mail or by visiting these agencies in person. The courthouse of the area is located at 305 E North St, Greenville, SC 29601. The Superior Court works out of Rm 227 of the judicial complex.