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Lexington County court documents not only include paperwork pertaining to civil cases but also criminal matters. These judicial records contain information on every aspect of a legal case from the time of its filing to its culmination in a verdict. Maintained at two locations within the judicial network, finding court documents through a case search will be easy if you know who to go to for the inquiry.

There are two ways in which an investigation of this nature can be initiated. One option is to look for a case and the other is to look for a litigant. Undoubtedly, the second approach will get you a lot more information about the person in question. However, not everybody wants that extensive a body of data.

Also, when you are initiating a case search in Lexington County, SC to find information on a specific legal suit, you stand to find out not only about the individual litigants involved in the dispute, but also the commercial entities that have participated in the matter. This can certainly help if you want to find court documents for corporate/business purposes.

Another way to look at inquiries on Lexington County court dockets is by learning about the various agencies that can be approached for such investigations. For instance, you could go to a certain tribunal within the area to gather judicial records pertaining to a case that was handled there or you could connect with the Lexington County Clerk of Court’s department.

Fortunately, for applicants, all of these judicial entities can be contacted at the same address- the county courthouse which is located at 205 E Main St, Lexington, SC 29072. The Circuit Court works out of Rm 107of the judicial center and the clerk of court also holds office at this complex.

For the Court of the Magistrate, you will need to go to 139 E Main St, Ste B, , SC 29072. If you are interested in online inquiries, these can be conducted through the website of judicial administration at