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To get your hands on Richland County court dockets, you will have to necessarily connect with the judiciary, as very few private entities offer this data. Judicial records contain a wealth of information on a litigation. In fact, court documents will have details on the case since the point of its filing till the very end.

In the judicial folds, you will find that court documents from Richland County, SC are available with various tribunals as well as the clerk of court’s office. This does bade people to ask the question, what is the sense in keeping the same judicial records in two places?

The answer to this is very simple; tribunals will only maintain judicial records pertaining to the cases heard by them. So, a criminal court of the area will only have details on the criminal trials handled by it. Similarly, a civil court will only have information on non-criminal litigation, with no data linked to the criminal matters taken before the judiciary.

In stark contrast to this, the Richland County clerk of court’s department maintains court documents for the judiciary on the whole. This means they have access to court dockets connected with criminal trials and civil cases. So, this would make it the ideal location for a case search.

Richland County clerk of court’s office is located at the judicial center in Columbia at 1701 Main St, Ste 205, Columbia, SC 29201. The Circuit court also works out of this location. If you do not wish to drive down to the agency office, you can also write to them at PO Box 2766, Columbia, South Carolina 29202-2766.

Apart from the Magistrate’s Court in Olympia, Richland County has 6 other branches of the limited jurisdiction tribunal. A good way would be to begin your case search for Richland in Olympia at 1601 B Shop Rd, Columbia, SC 29201.