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Launching a Spartanburg County case search involves a simple procedure. There are two ways in which an applicant can find judicial records from the area. You can either look for court documents related to a specific case or a certain individual. In case of the latter, your inquiry on court dockets will assume the form of a background check.

Since you will be given details on not just the civil litigations that come up when a search is initiated in the name of the subject, but also the criminal cases against him, the case search could get you all the details you need to take a call on forging personal or professional ties with the individual in question.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the outcome of a specific case, just looking up the court dockets from Spartanburg County, SC for that litigation will be enough to find out about the reason for the dispute, everything that happened while the two sides were sparring, the evidence presented, orders issued by the bench if any as well as the verdict. If it is a criminal case, you could also find out about the sentencing, in the judicial records.

To access Spartanburg County court dockets, you can try online as well as offline channels. On the internet, the facility to initiate a case search has been offered on If you are looking for judicial records pertaining to singular cases, you could try the court of the magistrate or the Circuit Tribunal.

The Magistrate’s Court is located at the County Courthouse, Rm 105, 180 Magnolia St, Spartanburg, SC 29306-2392. This agency will only be able to provide information on criminal cases that involve misdemeanor charges and preliminary hearings for felonies. On the other hand, the Circuit tribunal which also works out of the courthouse can be contacted for felonious criminal charges and civil litigations in which the amount under dispute exceeds $7500. The Spartanburg County clerk of court’s office is also located in the judicial complex.