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In Greenville County, inmate searches can just as well be launched by going to the office of the police. This does bade people to ask why they should consider going to the South Carolina Department of Corrections for their inmate lookups. It is true that you can find all the information that you need in response to your inmate locator inquiry from the police.

However, the details they provide will be totally different from those furnished by the SC DOC. To understand how this works, you will need to learn about the correctional system. Divided into distinct segments, the network of incarceration facilities are meant to address the detention of under trial who have not secured release under bail, those criminal who are serving shorter sentences (few months to 1 year) and those whose misdeeds have earned them a longer prison term.

Of these, the latter, that is inmates who are serving sentences that are more than one year long, will be sent to facilities that are run under the supervision of the South Carolina DOC. On the other hand, the other inmates in the other two categories are sent to county jails.

The working of these facilities is handled by the local police. So, if you want to find information on such offenders, use the inmate finder facilities of the sheriff’s Department. They allow people to conduct Greenville County jail inmate searches in person at their office which is located at 20 McGee Street, Greenville, SC 29601. Plus, they offer an inmate locator facility on their website at name search.

For inquiries that can be classified as Greenville County prison inmate searches, you will have to connect with the Department of Corrections. You can write to the agency at P. O. Box 21787, 4444 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210. Their online tool for inmate lookups can be accessed on their web page at