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The police do offer a way to find information on the inmates who are being detained in their correctional center. However, this is nor a Spartanburg County inmate search tool. What they are essentially offering is the ability to acess a list of all prisoners who can currently be found in the local correctional network.

Another thing to understand before you access the results of your Spartanburg County inmate lookup is that just because you do not find the name of your subject in the inmate list of the sheriff’s office does not mean that he has never served time in a prison. Once you are done using the inmate finder tool of the police, move on to the Department of Corrections for a Spartanburg County prison inmate search.

For this, people have been provided with an online inmate finder tool. You can access this at is possible to use the name of the subject or his SCDC ID as the inmate search criteria. The DOC of South Carolina can also be contacted by phone. Victims can call on 803-896-1733 or on 1-866-727-2846 and others on 803-896-8500. The results given in response to the inquiry will be the same regardless of the mode of communication used.

To conduct a Spartanburg County inmate locator investigation online, you can use the website of the sheriff at Find the option that reads “search for inmates alphabetically” in the menu on your right. This is the complete list of all offenders housed in the detention center of the county. With a bit of effort, you could easily conduct a jail inmate search for Spartanburg County through its use.

The sheriff’s department can also be contacted through mail at PO Box 771, Spartanburg, SC 29304 or you could simply drive down to the office of the agency at 8045 Howard St, Spartanburg, SC 29303. To call the agency, dial 864-596-2607 or 864-503-4500.