Kids Curfew Takes a Legal Turn in Brownsville, TN!

The response has been mixed to city council’s decision of imposing a curfew on youngsters and letting law enforcement agents question children below the age of 17 who are found loitering the streets of Brownsville after the 11 pm curfew.

Although the law is decades old, it is now being imposed with renewed gusto since law makers seem to believe that such checks will keep young miscreants off the streets at night when they are more likely to participate in criminal behavior. While some residents are happy with the decision, others think that policing of children should be left to parents.

Many voiced their dissent by saying that imposing a curfew will not help if parents have failed to instill a sense of responsibility and respect in their children. Some are saying that kids who grow up in an undisciplined environment would get up to some form of mischief whether it is day or night. So, it would be futile to involve the police in a matter that should be handled by parents.

The law does not allow the police to take the minor into custody but if found out of their homes between 11 pm and 5 am, law enforcement agents will have the freedom to question youngsters and order them to go home. If they fail to heed to the warning, their parents will be alerted.