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Because active warrants are based on significant evidence that was enough to convince the judge of a suspect’s culpability, an arrest warrants search in Allendale County, SC, is a definitive way to find out about the criminal involvement of a subject. Such inquires bring back results on everything from arrest records to outstanding warrants and from charges to incarceration also deserves mention here.

What will you have to do to initiate an inquiry into arrest warrants in Allendale County?

Keep a few hours in your hand, and be prepared to pay a small fee for your warrant search, and that is all it will take to find out about the criminal history of a person. The agencies mentioned later in this article will also undertake personal background checks. These are generally required for immigration, employment, etc.

You will have to visit the office of the agency chosen by you in person. While there, you will be asked to fill out a form that will offer the police information on the subject and the applicant. You may even be queried on the purpose of the inquiry. Once you offer the required details, it will rarely take more than a few hours to receive a response from the agency.

In fact, if you approach the office of the county clerk, you can get information on all outstanding warrants in the name of your subject within a matter of minutes. Since the agency allows you to use the computers in their network, you can access their court dockets database through these systems.

Where can you find information on Allendale County arrests and warrants (up-to-date information for 2021)?

From March 2021 onward, you can get in touch with the state agencies at the following addresses:

  • The office of the sheriff: 168 Law Enforcement Ct, Allendale, South Carolina 29810. Phone no: (803)-584-7067.
  • Jail Administrator: 168 Law Enforcement Court PO 304, Allendale, SC, 29810 (803)584-4616
  • The court of the magistrate: 292 Old Allendale Hwy, Barnwell, SC 29812. Phone no: (803) 584-3755.
  • The department of the county clerk: PO Box 126, Allendale, South Carolina 29810-0126. Phone no: (803)-584-2737.

Allendale County crime statistics

The law and order situation has deteriorated in the area from 2018 to 2019. Except for robbery and homicide cases, there was a marked increase in crime incidents across the board.  In terms of violent crimes, the most significant rise was noted in the rate of aggravated assault, which went from 28 to 79 incidents.

On the property crimes side, things looked just as bleak with a 3 fold increase in the number of motor vehicle thefts. The number of arson and larceny crimes also went through the roof in the one-year period.

In the years preceding 2008, almost 350 criminal complaints were filed per annum in Allendale County, South Carolina. Approximately 18% of these cases could be attributed to violent crimes, while the remaining figure comprises property crime-related incidents.