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Magistrate Court judges to issue arrest warrants in Laurens County after receiving a sworn complaint by an officer or an individual. The judge must review the complaint presented to the court to ensure probable cause for the warrant. Probable cause is not a determination of guilt but simply the belief that, based on the facts presented to the court, the alleged suspect committed the crime. If the judge does not find probable cause, he should not issue a warrant. To perform a warrant search in Laurens County, begin by accessing the online case information available to the public.

Laurens County arrest records and warrants.

To search for arrest records and active warrants, begin by accessing the Publix Index for the Eighth Judicial Circuit of South Carolina. This online case system provides information on civil and criminal cases filed in Laurens County. You can narrow your search for court records by name, case type, and action type. If you need more information on a specific warrant or criminal case, contact the Magistrate’s Court that issued the warrant. For cases that have been transferred to the Circuit Court, you should contact the Clerk of Court for Laurens County. Court officers are not permitted to give legal advice about a case; however, they can help you locate records about criminal cases.

Laurens County Sheriff’s Office

To obtain a criminal history report or to get information about outstanding warrants, contact the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. Some services will require a fee for research and copies. There is some information about current inmates, sex offenders, and fugitives available free to the public through the Sheriff’s website.


How do you get information on Laurens County arrest records and warrants over the phone? (2021-update)

If you are simply interested in the most recent arrest records of your subject, you can try one of the phone numbers listed below. However, if you are keen on a criminal background check, you will have to make your way down to the Office of the Sheriff or the local Courthouse. That said, here are some useful phone numbers.

  • To contact the Sheriff’s Office, use their non-emergency phone number (864) 984-2523.
  • To learn about a person who was arrested in the last 24 hours, get in touch with the Detention Center on (864) 683-4055.
  • You can reach the Clerk of Court at (864) 984-3538. This agency can help you with judicial records and court dockets.
  • The Victim’s Advocate can be contacted at 864-984-0706.
  • To know if your subject has an arrest warrant against him or to find out about traffic fines that you have to pay, call the Court of the Magistrate on (864) 681-5689.
  • For information on expunging arrest records and criminal court dates call the Eighth Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office on 864-984-2202.



Crime statistics for Laurens County, SC

Although the drop in the crime rates of Laurens County has been a very small one, it is a step in the right direction. As compared to 2018, the violent crime rates of 2019 stood almost 5% lower at just a bit over 400 incidents. Similarly, the property crime rates declined by over 40 incidents, showing a reduction of nearly 10%.      

Between 2002 and 2008, crime rates in Laurens County increased by approximately sixty percent. The majority of crimes committed were non-violent in nature and were related to theft and burglary. Only 32 murders were reported in Laurens County during the 7-year period; however, violent crime increased by almost 47%.