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Having an arrest warrant is a serious matter that requires your immediate attention. In South Carolina, most arrest warrants are issued by a Magistrate Court judge. After the warrant has been signed, it becomes an active warrant that any law enforcement officer may execute. To find out if you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you should begin by searching the county court records.

Colleton County court records

Colleton County is in the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit for South Carolina. To look for court cases, including criminal cases and warrants, you can use the Public Index for Colleton County. This database provides information to the public about open and closed cases filed in Colleton County. Court records are maintained by the Clerk of Court and by the Magistrate Courts for Colleton County. If you need more information about a specific case you find online, you should contact the magistrate court or the Clerk of Court. There may be fees for copies of court records or records searches.

Warrant searches and outstanding warrants

Since the Sheriff’s Office handles serving outstanding warrants, the best place to conduct a warrant search in Colleton County is the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s staff maintains arrest records for all arrests and can perform a criminal background search for a fee. Due to privacy and security issues, you will not receive information regarding outstanding warrants by telephone. You will need to visit the office in person to request information about warrants, arrest records, and criminal histories.

Colleton County, SC crime stats

Between 1999 and 2008, crime rates in Colleton County only increased by about ten percent. However, violent crimes rose by approximately forty-three percent for the same period. During this time, there were about 10,400 crimes reported in Colleton County, which averaged about one offense every five hours. Of those crimes committed, almost one-half of the crimes occurred less than one mile from the victim’s home.