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Summary Courts, also known as Magistrate Courts, issue the majority of arrest warrants for Chester County.These courts hear testimony from law enforcement officers or individuals requesting arrest warrants.Before issuing an arrest warrant, the judge must determine that probable cause exists for the warrant.Probable cause exists if the judge determines, based on the facts presented, that there is a reasonable belief the suspect committed the crime.To find active warrants in Chester County, you should begin by searching for open cases though the courts.

Chester County court records

To search for open criminal cases in Chester County, you can use the case summary system for the Sixth Judicial Circuit. The case system is available online to the public and provides a variety of information about current and closed cases within Chester County.You should search for records through the Magistrate Court because most arrest warrants are issued through this court.However, some criminal cases are transferred to the Circuit Court so a complete warrant search includes this court as well.Unfortunately, the online system does not allow the public to obtain copies of court documents online.You may get copies of court documents through the Magistrate Court or the Clerk of Court.

Chester County warrant searches and criminal background searches

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office is the main resource to search for outstanding warrants.You should contact the office to inquire about how to request copies of arrest records or how to find out if an arrest warrant is pending against someone.The Sheriff’s Office can also assist with criminal background reports for a fee.

Chester County, SC crime data

During the years between 2001 and 2008, there were approximately 9,800 crimes reported in Chester County.Of those crimes, about 20% of the crimes were considered violent including 14 murders and 68 rapes.Crime rates increased within the county by 70% but the majority of crimes remained theft or burglary related.