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When searching for arrest records in Darlington County, it helps to understand how an arrest warrant originates. An officer can swear out a warrant by submitting a written affidavit and complaint to a Magistrate Court judge for Darlington County. The judge will review the affidavit to determine if probable cause exists. Probable cause is not a determination of guilt but the belief that there are sufficient facts to support the allegation that the suspect committed the crime in question. Once the judge signs the warrant, it becomes an active warrant that may be executed upon the suspect. To search for warrants and criminal cases in Darlington County, start with the online case system for the Fourth Judicial Circuit.

Darlington County arrest records and warrants.

The Darlington County Public Index contains information on open and closed cases filed within Darlington County. After you accept the initial notice and disclaimer, you can search by name to find information on civil cases, criminal cases, and arrest warrants. More detailed information and copies can be obtained from the Magistrate Court that is handling the case. You may also need to contact the Darlington County Clerk of Court for information on court cases that have been referred or transferred to the Circuit Court. The court personnel are not permitted to give legal advice or conduct detailed searches; however, they can help you obtain copies of court records for a specific case you located through the Public Index.

Darlington County Sheriff’s Office

When performing a warrant search, you should also contact the Sheriff’s Office to inquire about outstanding warrants that have not been served. To get information about criminal histories or outstanding warrants, you should contact the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office. You may be able to find some information about outstanding warrants online through the Sheriff’s Most Wanted list – – a list of the most wanted fugitives in Darlington County.

Crime statistics for Darlington County, SC

From 2001 through 2008, crime increased in Darlington County by approximately thirty-four percent. However, most crimes committed were non-violent in nature, with over one-half of all crimes being related to theft or burglary. On average, a crime occurred in the county every two hours during this 8-year period.