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The Magistrate Court for Horry County is charged with issuing arrest warrants for crimes that occur within the county. A judge must not sign a warrant until after receiving an affidavit detailing the facts that establish that a crime has been committed. For the probable cause element to be met, the affidavit must also show that the suspect likely committed the crime in question. Once the Magistrate is satisfied that there is sufficient cause, he will sign the arrest warrant directing law enforcement officers to arrest and detain the defendant for a hearing. Searching for arrest records in Horry County is made easier by an online indexing system for cases.

Warrant searches for Horry County, SC

To begin a warrant search, start with the office that issues the warrant – – the Magistrate’s Office. Because there are several Magistrate Courts that serve Horry County, searching for active warrants could be difficult unless you know the office that issued the warrant. If you do not know the judge that signed the arrest warrant, you may want to search for an open criminal case through the Horry County Public Index system. The Magistrate Court records will be located under “Summary Court” and searched by name or filing date. You may also want to search court records with the Circuit Court as some warrants may be transferred to this court.

To search for outstanding warrants, you can contact the Horry County Sheriff’s Office. The office is located in the Horry County Government & Justice Center at 1301 Second Avenue, Conway, SC 29526 (telephone: 843-915-5450). The office can help you with information about criminal history searches, outstanding warrants, and inmate searches.

Horry County, SC crime rates

Horry County ranked first for the highest crime rates compared to nine other South Carolina counties from 1999 through 2008. The county experienced a sharp increase in the number of crimes between 2003 and 2004. Crime rates more than doubled from about 8,000 crimes during 2003 to more than 18,000 crimes during 2004.