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An arrest warrants search in McCormick County, SC, is a surefire way to find out about any criminal transgressions that are lurking in the background of your acquaintances. Although many agencies will offer information on criminal cases, these do not offer the provision to look for arrest records and active warrants online.

In contrast, if you fill the form on top of this page, you can access an internet-based repository of crime history that includes details on arrest records as well as the release of outstanding warrants. The information on arrest warrants held in this database is from all over the country. You will be charged a small, one-time fee for the service.

State agencies that can be approached for a similar inquiry have been named below. However, these departments will ask you to pay for every search, and this can get a tad expensive if you intend to access the background report of more than one person. Of course, it should also be explained here that almost all of these agencies require an ‘in person’ or ‘mailed in’ request to perform the warrant search.

In contrast, you can handle the search for McCormick County arrest warrants from the comforts of your home when you approach an online agency. The only time such inquiries don’t work is if you need the background report in writing and with a seal of notarization on it. While 100% accurate, the data on this site is for information purposes only.

Who can you approach for an offline/phone inquiry on arrests? (2021-update)

  • The office of the sheriff: Hammond St, McCormick, South Carolina 29835. Call on 864-465-3200 for general inquiries; use the phone number- 864-852-2945 to reach the Victim’s Advocate and call on 864-852-0058 to connect with the Detention Center.
  • The court of the magistrate: 133 S Main St, McCormick, SC 29835. Call on (864) 852-2316  to know about active warrants issued by this court.
  • The department of the county clerk: 133 South Mine Street #102, McCormick, South Carolina 29835-9034. Call on (864) 852-2195 to learn about the process for accessing judicial records.

Crime statistics for McCormick County, SC!

On the property crimes side, McCormick County experienced a slight deterioration, with a growth of 3% observed in the annual average. However, the police more than made up for this growth by clamping down on violent crimes. This crime category showed a decrease of almost 50%, going from 30 incidents in 2018 to just 17 cases in 2019.

A look at the crime statistics for McCormick County, South Carolina, reveals a disturbing uptrend in violent and reported criminal activity figures. The frequency of these crime types showed an increase of 50% and 60%, respectively. Overall, approximately 200 criminal cases are filed in the area every year.