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In South Carolina, officers may arrest individuals without a warrant; however, the officer’s preferred procedure is to obtain an active warrant before the arrest. Exceptions include when an officer witnesses a crime or when getting a warrant may result in the suspect’s escape. To obtain an arrest warrant, the officer must “swear out a warrant” before a Magistrate Court judge by filing an affidavit and complaint setting forth the facts to demonstrate that the alleged suspect committed the crime. Once the judge signs the warrant, it is directed to all law enforcement officers to apprehend and detain the suspect until he appears before a judge for a hearing. To perform a warrant search in Greenwood County, you may begin by checking the online court case system.

Greenwood County arrest records and warrants.

To search for outstanding warrants and court cases in Greenwood County, contact the Magistrate Court or the Clerk of Court to obtain copies of court records or get more information about the status of the case.

Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office

To get arrest record information, you should contact the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office. They are located at 528 Edgefield Street in Greenwood, SC 29646 (telephone: 864-942-8600). Ask to speak with the warrant division or records division for information.

Crime statistics for Greenwood County, SC

In Greenwood County, crime rates between 1999 and 2008 increased by almost forty-five percent overall; however, violent crimes decreased by roughly three percent. Only 23 murders were reported in Greenwood County during the 10-year period. The majority of crimes (84%) were related to theft and burglary. On average, about one crime occurred every three hours, with half of those crimes occurring less than one mile from the victim’s home.