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Finding outstanding arrest warrants in Marion County requires searching through court records and contacting the county sheriff’s office. Magistrate Court judges that have jurisdiction in specific counties throughout the state issue arrest warrants in South Carolina. These judges take testimony and review sworn complaints to determine if probable cause exists before issuing a warrant. Once the warrant has been issued, any law enforcement officer within the county can execute the warrant. To find out if there is an active warrant for arrest, begin your search with the courts.

Marion County, SC courts, and criminal records

Searching for warrants and criminal cases in Marion County is made easy because of an online case system available to the public. This Public Index allows anyone to search by name to find open and closed cases filed with Marion County courts. Most criminal cases are initiated through the Magistrate Court; however, some are transferred to the Circuit Court. Therefore, you need to search by name through each court to find all of the criminal records for an individual. For more information on a specific case, contact the Magistrate Court or the Clerk of Court but understand there will be fees for copies of court documents.

Criminal history reports and warrant searches

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office can provide information about outstanding warrants that have yet to be served. The office can also assist with criminal history background searches to find arrest warrants that have been executed on a specific individual. You must contact the office in person, not by telephone, to obtain information about arrest records and warrants.

Can you get any details on arrests and warrants from Marion County over the phone (2021-specific)?

If you are keen on a warrant search, this is not a service offered over the phone. However, relevant state agencies will provide recent arrest records, particularly those required to notify kin of a person’s arrest and/or to secure release on bail. Here is who you can call:

  • For non-emergency complaints and general information- Sheriff’s Office’s phone on 843-423-8216.
  • For Victim Services- 843-423-8389/843-431-5013.
  • For recent arrests- 843-423- 8263.
  • For court records and dates- (843) 423-8240.
  • For civil matters handled by the Magistrate’s Court (843) 423-8210.
  • For criminal matters heard by the Magistrate’s Court:(843) 423-8393.

Marion County, SC crime data

The drop in the violent crime rate of Marion County in 2019 has been impressive, to say the least. The annual figure plunged from 233 complaints to 171, which is a decrease of almost 30%. The decrease in the number of property crimes in 2019 was just as impressive with a drop of over 200 annual reports (from1313 to 1104 incidents)

From 2001 through 2008, approximately 14,200 crimes occurred in Marion County. That averaged to about one crime every four hours during that time. Even though most crimes were related to theft or burglary, the rate of violent crimes increased by over 80%, but overall crime rates only rose by around seventy-five percent.