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In Greenville County, arrest warrants are issued through the magistrate’s court. A law enforcement officer may appear before a magistrate to swear out a warrant; however, before issuing a warrant, the magistrate must have information that has been given under oath that plainly and substantially sets forth the offense charged. The complaint submitted by the law enforcement officer should be in writing, and the magistrate should remind the officer that the penalty for perjury attaches to all facts alleged in the affidavit. This complaint and affidavit then become a part of the active warrant and part of the arrest record.

Warrant searches in Greenville County, SC

If you know the general location where the crime was committed or where the defendant might reside, you can contact the magistrate court for that jurisdiction to inquire about any active warrants. You may also search for current and closed court records through the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit’s Public Index Search. This is a free, online service offered by the court and available to the public. Choose “Summary Court” to search Magistrate Court cases and choose “Circuit Court” to search for criminal cases that have been referred to the Greenville County Circuit Court. If you need copies from a court case, you will need to visit the Clerk of Court for Greenville County. The office is located in the county courthouse at 305 E. North Street, Greenville, SC 29601.

Once an arrest warrant is signed, it is transferred to the local law enforcement agency for execution. To search through arrest records to find out about the status of an arrest warrant, you should contact one of the public information officers for the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. You can inquire about active warrants and outstanding warrants (an arrest warrant that has been issued but has been unable to be served). Through Crime Stoppers, you can search through unsolved cases and the county’s most-wanted list. The Sheriff’s Office also maintains a list of sex offenders within the county.

Can you contact a state agency for Greenville arrest records or warrant search over the phone? (2024)

Within reason, justice agencies will part with crime and criminal-related information over the phone. However, you need to understand that they will always exercise caution so as not to give out data that can assist a suspect in fleeing from due legal process. So, here is what you can find:

  • If you have witnessed a criminal incident, use the phone number 864-467-5300 to report it.
  • For a complaint against illegal drug activity, call on 864-288-1247.
  • To get information on how to conduct a local background check, call on 864-467-5100.
  • To connect with the Warrant Office, use the phone number 864-467-5335.
  • If you are the victim of a crime and want to connect with the Criminal Investigations Division, call on 864-467-5240.
  • To give a tip about a criminal, call on 232-7463.
  • For judicial records, connect with the Clerk of Court on 864-232-2273
  • To learn about recent arrests, call the Detention Center on 864-467-2330

Crime statistics for Greenville County, SC

The number of incidents in the property crimes category plunged by nearly 1000 in 2019. However, the rise in violent crimes clearly shows that Greenville Sheriff’s Office needs to put in more effort to keep the area’s residents safe. The violent crime rate of the county increased by over 10%, with almost 120 complaints more being taken to the law enforcement office than in the previous year.

Between 1999 and 2008, Greenville County had a significant increase in crime rates. In 2004, crime rates more than doubled within the county (increasing from about 7,000 per year to over 20,000 per year). Of the nearly 130,000 crimes reported during this period, 15% of the crimes were violent in nature, and over 60% of crimes were theft-related.

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