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Magistrates for Spartanburg County issue arrest warrants upon probable cause. To determine probable cause, a magistrate must exercise his independent judgment to determine if, based on the facts presented to the court, a reasonable person would believe that the defendant committed the alleged crime.

The primary purpose of the arrest warrant is to provide for an independent judicial officer to decide if the state should use its prosecutorial power. If the Magistrate determines probable cause exists, he will sign the warrant and transfer it to local law enforcement officers for execution. At this time, the warrant becomes “active,” and the defendant may be apprehended and detained under the warrant. There are several ways to search for active warrants in Spartanburg County.

Searching arrest records and court records in Spartanburg County

The easiest way to begin a warrant search in this county is to go online and search for cases through the Seventh Judicial Circuit Public Index. The index lets you view active and closed civil and criminal cases within Spartanburg County. You may also view current court rosters through this website. Once you find a case, you must contact the court directly if you require copies. The Clerk of Court for Spartanburg County is located in the county courthouse at 180 Magnolia Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 500, Spartanburg, SC 29306 (telephone: 864-596-2591). Several Magistrate Courts serve the county, but any office can direct you to the appropriate judge.

Another source for searching outstanding warrants is the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office. The Records Division of the Sheriff’s Office maintains all records for the office and can assist you with your request for a criminal history or warrant search. You may also view a list of the county’s Inmates and search for current inmates in that list. 

What options are available to discover Spartanburg arrest warrants over the phone? (2023)

  • To know about arrests in the last 24 hours, call Detention Services at 864-596-2607.
  • To file a non-emergency crime report, use the phone number of the Sheriff’s Office- 864-503-4502.
  • To know about active warrants, call the Warrants Office at 864-596-2624.
  • To know how to conduct a local background check, call the Records Division at 864-503-4553.
  • For information about the sex offender registry, call 864-503-4643/503- 4606.
  • To know about victim’s services, call the Victim’s Advocate at 864-503-4626/503-4627/503-4625.
  • For crime prevention-related information, call on 864-503-4676.
  • To know about bench warrants and civil processes, call the Civil Division at 864-503-4506.
  • For information on criminal cases, call 864-503-4600 (only for victims).
  • To know the procedure for accessing criminal case records, connect with the Clerk of Court at 864-596-2591.
  • To get information on the cases handled by the Magistrate’s Court, call 864-596-2564 to reach the Criminal Division, 864-596-2228 for the Traffic Division, 864-596-2186 for the Civil Division, and 864-596-2564 for jury duty-related questions.
  • For bond-related inquiries, call the Bond Court at 864-596-3424.

Crime statistics for Spartanburg County, SC

There was a dip of about 30 complaints in the violent crime rate of Spartanburg County in 2019 as compared to the preceding year. However, adding just as many complaints to the property crimes rate seemed to have neutralized the positivity. The local police receive over 8600 property crime complaints and nearly 1600 violent crime complaints.

Roughly 87,000 crimes were reported in Spartanburg County during the 10 years from 1999 through 2008. Of those crimes, 14% were violent in nature. The county saw a sharp increase in the crime rate between 2003 and 2004, with crimes more than doubling within the county. Crime rates increased by almost 70% within the county between 1999 and 2008.