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Warrant searches in Dillon County begin with searching for active criminal cases. The easiest way to find out if a criminal case exists is to search the online court system for the Fourth Judicial Circuit. This provides a summary of each court case filed in Dillon County including criminal charges through the Magistrate Court. The Magistrate Court issues the majority of arrest warrants issued in Dillon County.While some cases are transferred to the Circuit Court, most criminal cases begin with a Magistrate Court judge issuing an active warrant.
The online Public Index is an excellent source for basic case information; however, if you need copies of court records or more information about a specific case you must contact the Clerk’s Office or the Magistrate Court directly.

Outstanding warrants and criminal background reports

In order to determine if there is an outstanding warrant pending, the best resource is the Sheriff’s Office. Because the Sheriff’s Office is charged with executing warrants issued within the county, it is the best place to search for outstanding warrants. Furthermore, the Sheriff’s Office maintains detailed arrest records and can assist you with criminal background checks.
Law enforcement officers can arrest someone without a warrant provided that the officer witnesses the crime being committed. The exception to this rule is that if an officer has probable cause (a reasonable belief) that a felony has been committed and he may lose the suspect if he takes time to swear out a warrant, he may arrest the suspect without an active warrant.

Dillon County, SC crime rates

From 2002 through 2008, there were approximately 9,700 crimes reported in Dillon County with about twenty percent of those crimes being considered violent in nature.An average of one crime was committed every six hours during this time with almost half of those crimes happening less than one mile from the victim’s home. Over a 10-year period from 1999 through 2008, overall crime rates in Dillon County increased by almost forty-six percent.