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Active warrants issued in felonies last forever, and this is why an arrest warrant search from Jasper County, SC, can serve you in more ways than one. When conducted in your own name, you will find out about the status of a case filed against you. If an outstanding warrant has been issued, the evidence against you is quite strong, and it will only be a matter of time before you are detained.

Conducting the inquiry will tell you whether you ought to consider seeking the help of a lawyer on the double or if you can afford to wait it out. Remember that arrest warrants come in three forms; those released in serious criminal matters, orders for arrests issued by civil courts, which are known as bench warrants, and directives that get released to deal with misdemeanor offenses.

Unless your infractions were quite serious and would qualify as felonies, you don’t have to worry too much. A thumb rule is that if the punishment for the crime does not involve a prison sentence, you can sort out the matter on your own. However, if the incident can lead to custodial detention, it would be best to enlist an attorney’s help.

You can launch an inquiry into arrest records and the issue of active warrants in Jasper County online through this website; fill the form above, and you will get access to a criminal history database. If you are inquiring about a third party, you can take your warrant search to the aforementioned departments:

  • The sheriff’s: PO Box 986, 12008 North Jacob Smart Boulevard, Ridgeland, South Carolina 29936
  • The magistrate’s: 265 Russell St, Ridgeland, SC 29936
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 248, Ridgeland, South Carolina 29936-0248

Jasper County, South Carolina police have to handle no less than 1050 criminal complaints each year. Fortunately, only about 13% of these cases are made against violent criminal offenses. In the eight years from 2001 onwards, about 1100 violent crimes were committed in the area. This figure follows an upward trajectory given the 75% increase in the incident rate of this crime category.