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Finding an outstanding warrant against someone you know or against yourself is a serious matter. South Carolina law enforcement agencies take arrest warrants seriously and continuously try to make arrests based on outstanding warrants. To search for an outstanding warrant for your arrest in Clarendon County, you can contact the county sheriff’s office. However, before doing that, you may want to begin your warrant search through the court system for Clarendon County.

Court record searches in Clarendon County, SC

To search for open or closed court cases in Clarendon County, go to the case index for the Third Judicial Circuit. This resource allows the public to search for court cases filed through the Magistrate’s Court (Summary Court) and the Circuit Court. Since most arrest warrants are issued by a Magistrate Court judge, you should begin searching for criminal cases through this court. Some criminal cases will be transferred to the Circuit Court; therefore, do not neglect to search for criminal cases through this court. If you find an outstanding warrant or an open criminal case, you should get in touch with the Magistrate Court or the Clerk of Court to request copies of court documents or additional information.

Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office

The Sheriff’s Office maintains arrest records and is an excellent resource for getting information about active warrants and prior arrests. Because of security reasons and privacy issues, the Sheriff’s Office will not give any information about outstanding warrants by telephone. You must visit the Sheriff’s Office in person to request copies of arrest records, details about warrants, or to request a criminal history background.

So, is there no information about warrants or arrests that I can get over the phone? (2021-data)

  • Details on recent arrests: If you need information on arrests made in the last 12 hours or details on the bail bond of an inmate, call on (803) 435-8831. For details about visitation, call on (803) 435-0364.
  • Brief information on active warrants: If you suspect that a person you know has a warrant against him or if you have seen an individual who is on the most wanted list of a law enforcement agency, get on the phone with the Sheriff’s Office at (803) 435-4414.
  • Court records: The Clerk of Court’s Office can help you with information on civil, criminal, and traffic cases. Call them on (803) 435-4443.
  • Information for victims and witnesses: If you want to know more about the status of the case, call the Circuit 3 Solicitor on 803-435-4071 for victim services.
  • Details pertaining to arrest warrants: If you are looking for case records, particularly information about preliminary hearings conducted for the issue of arrest warrants and for bail, get in touch with the Magistrate’s Court on (803) 435-8925 or the Traffic Court on (803) 435-2670.

Clarendon County, SC crime rates

In 2018, the Sheriff’s Department of Clarendon County received a few over 1200 complaints against property crimes. So, the comparatively lower annual rate of about 1100 incidents seemed like a big improvement.

However, the rising rate of violent crime was the dampener. As opposed to the 163 violent crimes reported in 2018, over 200 incidents of the kind were reported in 2019, registering a growth of almost 25%.

Over a 10-year period from 1999 through 2008, crime rates increased in Clarendon County by almost seventy-five percent. During the same period, violent crimes rose by almost eighty-five percent. Even though there was a more considerable increase in violent crimes, the most prevalent crime type remained theft-related.