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To conduct a warrant search in Orangeburg County, you should check both the Magistrate Court and the Circuit Court. In South Carolina, Magistrate Court judges issue arrest warrants based on probable cause. After reviewing a sworn complaint by a law enforcement officer or individual, the judge will determine if probable cause exists for a warrant. If so, he will sign the warrant and direct it to law enforcement officers for service. Once the suspect has been apprehended, he will be brought before the Magistrate for a hearing.

Orangeburg County arrest records and warrants.

Both the Magistrate Court and the Circuit Court for Orangeburg County make case information available to the public through the First Circuit Public Index. This case information website allows you to search by name to find active and closed cases throughout the county. To search Magistrate Court records, you need to choose the “Summary Court” option on the home page. If you need more details regarding a criminal case or an outstanding warrant, you should contact the Magistrate Court. If a case has been transferred to the Circuit Court, the Clerk of Court will provide more details about the case. However, neither office can give you any legal advice about a case.

Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office

You can view a list of outstanding warrants for Orangeburg’s Most Wanted fugitives on the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office’s website. For assistance with criminal history reports and information about arrest records, you should contact the Sheriff’s Office directly and ask to speak with someone in the records or warrants division. There may be a fee for reports obtained through the Sheriff’s Office.

What if you want to know about Orangeburg warrants and arrest records over the phone (2021)?

It is possible to find limited information on arrests over the phone, but a warrant search is a whole different ball game. In any case, take a look at the agencies that you can contact for criminal history related data and of course criminal complaints.

  • The Detention Center- For information on arrests as well as release on bail, use the phone number of the Orangeburg County Jail- 803-539-2091.
  • The Sheriff’s Office- For a non-emergency complaint and for general inquiries, call 803-531-4647.
  • Victim’s Services: For information on help available to victims, call 803-531-4647.
  • Clerk of Court: For court dockets and judicial records call 803-533-6260.
  • Magistrate’s Court: For information on arrest warrants and misdemeanor cases heard by this court, call 803-533-5879 for Central Region Magistrate Office, 803-496-9533 for Eastern Region Magistrate Office, 803-247-2011 for Western Region Magistrate Office, 803-533-5848 for Central Region Traffic Court Office, 803-268-2956 for Bond Court, 803-268-2956 for Preliminary Court and 803-533-5843 for Domestic Violence Court.

Crime statistics for Orangeburg County, SC

The rise in the figures of property crimes in Orangeburg County was limited to around 20 incidents. But, the increase in the number of violent crimes was certainly shocking. From around 700 complaints in 2018, the rate soared to over 950 incidents within the span of a year. Within the violent crime category, the highest increase was recorded in homicide and aggravated assault cases, both of which increased by nearly 75%.

Between 2001 and 2008, approximately 31,346 crimes were committed in Orangeburg County, with about 11% of those crimes being violent in nature. During that time, crime rates increased by almost 80%, with the largest increase being in 2004 when crime rates more than tripled from the previous year.