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A Pickens County officer does not need an active warrant in his possession to make an arrest. However, courts prefer the officer to have a warrant, if possible, before making an arrest. A few exceptions exist, such as when an officer witnesses a crime or when taking time to swear out a warrant may result in the suspect fleeing or causing harm to others. In South Carolina, Magistrate Courts issue arrest warrants for the county where they have jurisdiction. Once the judge issues a warrant, it is transferred to local law enforcement officers to execute. Searching for arrest records in Pickens County should being with the court that issues the warrant.

Pickens County arrest records and warrants.

Because there are numerous Magistrate Courts that have jurisdiction in Pickens County, the easiest way to begin your warrant search is through the Public Index system for Pickens County. Through this online search, you can narrow your results by name, court, case type, and action type to see only criminal cases and warrants. Once you have found an outstanding warrant or criminal case, it will be easier to determine which Magistrate Court you should contact for further information and copies of court records. For cases that have been transferred to the Circuit Court, the Clerk of Court’s office for Pickens County would be the location of court records and current case status for those cases.

Pickens County Sheriff’s Office

Because the Sheriff’s Office is charged with serving warrants, it is a good source for arrest records and warrant information. You can contact the Records Section of the Sheriff’s Office to inquire about the case and warrant information. They may also be able to assist you with criminal history reports. The Most Wanted list is an excellent source for outstanding warrants in Pickens County.

What should you do to get Pickens County warrants and arrest records over the phone (2021)?

You can get justice agencies to give you some crime-related information over the phone. However, don’t expect to get anything more than the basics. Here is what you can find:

  • To learn about recent arrests, call the Detention Center on 864-898-1428.
  • To file a non-emergency police report, call the Sheriff’s Office on 864-898-5500.
  • To request an incident report use the phone number of the Administrative Division- 864-898-5534.
  • To know how to conduct a local background check, call on 864-898-5508.
  • If you are the victim of a crime and want details about your complaint/case, call on 864-898-5534.
  • For domestic violence related complaints and immediate help, call the DV Hotline on 1800-291-2139.
  • For judicial records, connect with the Clerk of Court on 864-898-5598.
  • To learn about the cases handled by the Magistrate’s Court, including preliminary hearings for the issue of arrest warrants, call on 864-898-5551.

Crime statistics for Pickens County, SC

In terms of both violent and property crimes, Pickens County saw a steep decline in the incident rates. The annual figures of property crimes went from nearly 3900 to 3677 while those of violent crime plunged to 430 in 2019 from the high of 465 in 2018. As far as specific crime categories were concerned, larceny declined the most while on the violent crime side aggravated assault showed the maximum drop.

Between 1999 and 2008, there were approximately 23,518 crimes in Pickens County. This made it the second-lowest county for crime rates compared with nine other counties in South Carolina. During this time, most crimes were non-violent in nature, with only about 10% of the crimes being considered violent.