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An arrest warrant is a document that gives an officer the authority to apprehend and detain a suspect until he or she can be brought before a judge for a hearing. In South Carolina, most warrants are issued by the Magistrate Court. A judge will hear testimony or consider an affidavit to determine if there is probable cause to issue a warrant. Once the judge determines probable cause exists, an active warrant is issued directing law enforcement to arrest the suspect.

Court records and warrant searches

To do a warrant search, you should begin by searching for active court cases in Georgetown County. This can be done through the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit’s Public Index. By utilizing this online database, you can search for open and closed court cases filed in Georgetown County. This also includes criminal cases and arrest warrants. To get more information about a specific case or to get copies of court records, you must contact the Georgetown County Clerk of Court or the Magistrate Court.
The best resource for outstanding warrants and criminal histories is the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office can provide you with information about warrants that have not been executed. It can also assist with criminal history reports. However, you will not be able to get information over the telephone because of security and privacy reasons. You must visit the office in person to request information.

Georgetown County, SC crime data

An average of 2,300 crimes was committed each year from 2002 through 2008 in Georgetown County. Of the almost 16,100 crimes committed, approximately 15% were considered violent, including 19 murders and 120 rapes. By far, the most common crimes committed were theft and burglary. Violent crimes increased by approximately 60% during this time, with overall crime rates increasing by almost 65%.