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After a Magistrate Court judge had signed an arrest warrant, it becomes an active warrant directed to all law enforcement officers within the county. Under the authority of the arrest warrant, an officer may apprehend and detain the suspect until he can be brought before the judge for a hearing. The officer is not required to provide a copy of the arrest warrant to the suspect at the time of arrest; however, a copy must be provided to the suspect as soon as possible after the arrest. The officer must state in clear terms that he is making the arrest based on an active arrest warrant and state the charges that are outstanding against the suspect. To search for arrest records and warrants in Sumter County, you can utilize the online Public Index.

Sumter County arrest records and warrants.

Begin your warrant search by accessing the Public Index for the Third Judicial Circuit online. You can search by name, case type, and action type to find open and closed criminal cases and warrants. If you want more details or copies of court records, you will need to contact the Magistrate Court that issued the arrest warrant or the Clerk of Court for Sumter County. Both offices maintain records of all cases pending before the court and can help you locate specific court records. However, neither office is permitted to give legal advice to anyone.

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

To view some outstanding warrants in Sumter County, access the Most Wanted section online through the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. This lists the county’s most wanted fugitives by name. For more information, you can contact the Warrants Division.

How do you access data on Sumter arrests and warrants over the phone (2021-specific)?


  • For arrest records call on 803-436-2340 (This is the phone number of Sumter County Jail, so you can only find out about recent arrests from this source).
  • To report suspicious activity/person get in touch with the Sheriff’s Office on (803) 436-2774
  • For an incident report, use the phone number (803) 436-2034 to reach the Public Information Officer.
  • To know more about active warrants and bench warrants, call on (803) 436-2020
  • If you are a crime victim, who wants to know more about the investigation of the case, call on (803) 436-2002.
  • For victim services, you can get in touch with the Victim’s Advocate on (803) 436-2044 / 2129.
  • For all matters concerning the sex offender registry, call on (803) 774-3857.
  • To learn about the procedure for accessing court dockets, call the Clerk of Court on 803-436-2227
  • For information on misdemeanor cases and issue of arrest warrants, call the Magistrate’s Court on (803) 436-2280.
  • To know about traffic violation fines, call on 803-436-2230.
  • For criminal court records, call on 803-436-2232.
  • To know about criminal records expungement, call the Solicitor’s Office on (803) 436-2185.

Crime statistics for Sumter County, SC

The over al crime scenario of Sumter County in 2019 was far better than in the preceding year. There was a minuscule growth of 1% in the number of violent crimes, which went up from 818 complaints in 2018 to 825 in 2019.

However, this wasn’t enough to overshadow, the significant dip in the number of property crimes, which plunged from 3614 to less than 3400 incidents.

Crime statistics for Sumter County from 2006 through 2010 are located on the Sheriff’s website. Overall, non-violent crimes were much more prevalent than violent crimes such as murder and rape. The majority of crimes committed in Sumter County during this period were related to burglary and larceny.