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A police officer may arrest you without a warrant in South Carolina if he witnesses you committing a crime.However, if the crime is a felony and the officer has probable cause to believe you committed the crime, he does not have to witness the crime to arrest you without a warrant.It is better for an officer swear out a warrant before making an arrest unless there is a reason obtaining a warrant could result in the suspect getting away or becoming a danger to other individuals.To search for arrest records, outstanding warrants and criminal cases in Chesterfield County, you can search court records and contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Chesterfield County court cases and criminal records

The Fourth Judicial Circuit’s Public Index contains information about open and closed court cases filed in Chesterfield County.To find a case, you can search by name and narrow the results by choosing a specific court, case type or action type.Once you find a case, you can get more information and copies of court records by contacting the Magistrate Court or Clerk of Court.

Active warrants and criminal history reports

The best source for information about active warrants yet to be served is the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office.The Sheriff’s Office maintains arrest records and can perform criminal history backgrounds.Through the Sheriff’s website, you can access a record of the most wanted fugitives in Chesterfield County.

Chesterfield County, SC crime data

From 1999 to 2008, crimes rates in Chesterfield County rose by nearly seventy percent.Violent crimes rose by over eighty percent during this time even though the bulk of crimes committed were still non-violent in nature.By far, most crimes committed in Chesterfield County were related to theft and burglary with only 16 murders being committed during the 10-year period.