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An arrest warrant search from Bamberg County, SC, will get you details on both active and outstanding orders for arrests. If you are wondering if there is really a difference in these directives, in a word, the answer is “no.”These terms are indicative more of the age of a warrant than any real difference to its powers. Read below for more explanation:

Active warrants: These decrees for arrests are no more than a few days old. Released in response to a petition for the order filed by the sheriff’s office, it is not unusual for cops to try to serve these directives as soon as possible.

Outstanding warrants: Typically, these detention directives have stayed in the system for a few months to a few years. Information on these orders is held by multiple agencies, not just within the state’s justice network. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also notified about outstanding warrants from Bamberg County and all over.

Pending arrest warrants do not lose their bite; if anything, they become even more potent as information on criminals with these decrees to their name is frequently included in the county’s most-wanted list, the state, and even the FBI.

You can find information on Bamberg County arrest records and active warrants from various places. Of course, the police would be able to offer a wealth of information when you launch a warrant search with them. However, the judiciary should not be pushed out of your list of places to visit for warrant inquiries either because they can tell you about criminal and civil cases.

How to get in touch with state agencies for a warrant search and arrest records lookup in 2021?

  • The sheriff’s: PO Box 210, 456 Second Street, Bamberg, South Carolina 29003. Phone no: 803-245-3000. You can connect with the local law enforcement agency for information on active warrants, as well as arrest records.
  • The Detention Center: 444 Second Street, Bamberg, South Carolina 29003. PO Box 928. Phone no: 803-245-3020. If a person you know has recently faced arrests or is still lodged in the county jail, you can call the local Detention Center for information on this.
  • The magistrate’s: 100 2nd St, Bamberg, SC 29003. Phone no: (803) 245-3016. The magistrate’s court can be approached for details on recently issued arrest warrants. You can also attend hearings held for release on bail.
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 150, Bamberg, South Carolina 29003-0150. Phone no : (803) 245-3025. The clerk of court maintains data about criminal and civil cases. So, they can tell you about warrants, arrests, and non-criminal litigations against your subject.

** Information current as of  March 2021

Crime statistics For Bamberg County

With the exception of sexual battery, there was an increase in the rates of all crime categories in 2019. However, the police of Anderson County had the hardest time tackling the rise in violent crimes, which spiraled out of control, showing an increase of well over 50%. 

As opposed to the single incident of homicide filed in 2018, there were 5 such complaints lodged in 2019. Similarly, incidents of robbery increased from 6 to 12, and cases of aggravated assault increased from 26 to 58 incidents. The property crime rate looked just as bad, showing a gain of almost 50% across the board.     

Between 2001 and 2008, every year, almost 550 complaints were filed with the Bamberg County, South Carolina sheriff’s office. Of these cases, an estimated 85 complaints were made against violent criminal transgressions. This figure is set to rise in the face of the 57% growth registered by this crime category.