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In South Carolina, before an arrest warrant can be issued, probable cause must be established. To fulfill the probable cause requirement, an officer will “swear out a warrant” before a Magistrate Court judge by presenting a sworn complaint or testimony under oath stating the facts of the crime. After hearing the facts, if the judge decides that a reasonable person would believe that a crime was committed and that the suspect in question committed the crime, he will issue an active warrant. Once the warrant has been issued, it will be directed to all law enforcement officers for service and execution.

Warrant searches and arrest records in Marlboro County

To find outstanding warrants, you can contact the Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office in Bennettsville, SC at 843-479-5605. However, the Sheriff’s Office will not be able to answer any questions over the telephone. Still, they will be able to direct you on how to request a criminal history report or a list of outstanding warrants against a specific individual. You may also be able to obtain information about the county’s Most Wanted fugitives and information about current inmates within Marlboro County.

To perform a thorough warrant search, you should also look for active criminal court cases. The easiest way to search court records in Marlboro County is by accessing the Public Index system for the Fourth Judicial Circuit. This online case information system allows the public to search for open and closed cases that have been filed in Marlboro County. If you find a specific case and need more information, you may contact the Marlboro County Clerk of Court or one of the Magistrate Courts that serve the county.

Can you get information on active warrants and arrests records over the phone in Marlboro County? (2021 details)

If your inquiry is aimed at finding outstanding warrants against your subject, a phone call won’t cut it. Nonetheless, here are some agencies that offer criminal history data over the phone.

  • The Sheriff’s Office- (843)-423-8216. Call to file a complaint or to learn about requesting incident reports.
  • The Detention Center- (843) 423-8263. Call to inquire about recent arrests and bonded release of a detainee.
  • The Office of the Clerk of Court- (843) 423-8240. Use this phone number to inquire about hearing dates, jury duty information, and the process of accessing criminal court dockets.
  • The Magistrate’s Court- : (843) 423-8393. Call this number to know about criminal matters handled by the magistrate’s court. For information on traffic tickets, use the Traffic Court phone number- (843) 423-8208

Marlboro County, SC crime rates

The rise in the rates of property crimes was not exceptionally high, but it cannot be denied that it seems to be the start of an upward heading trend. And that is a matter of concern!

In 2018, the local police received 174 complaints against violent crimes and almost 780 complaints against property crimes. In 2019, these figures swelled to reach 190 cases of violent crimes and 790 complaints against property crimes.

Crime rates rose in Marlboro County by approximately forty-eight percent during the years between 1999 and 2008. Information about specific crimes during that time shows that most crimes committed were related to theft or burglary, with only 26 murders and 69 rapes being reported. Of the almost 10,700 crimes reported during this time, only around twenty percent were thought to be violent.